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Notice: Visitors are advised to make hotel reservations early, as resource exploration and development is booming in the local area and hotels are frequently at full capacity. Please contact the event organizers for additional lists of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and alternate accomodations. Underwing camping on the field is also permitted, and encouraged.  No Fees for Underwing Camping.  Remember it costs nothing to
cancel a reservation within the facilities cancellation policy if you don’t need it!

Hundreds of rooms in several local hotels have been reserved for use during the convention.

Notes about reserving a room:

  • room reservations must be phoned to local hotel
  • reservations must be confirmed with a credit card
  • rooms will be blocked (saved) until March 1, 2013
  • room reservations will be accepted immediately

Property Local Phone Contact Address
Best Western 250-782-6226 Wendy 500 Highway #2
Pomeroy Inn & Suites 250-782-3700   540 Highway #2
Days Inn  250-782-8887 Chin Hong 640 – 122 Avenue
Holiday Inn  1 877 660 8550   12217 – 4th Street
George Dawson Inn 250-782-9151   11705 – 8th Street
Aurora Park Inn 250-782-8006   12004 – 8th Street
Comfort Inn 250-782-1222 Sam Kim 1200 Alaska Avenue
Inn on the Creek 250-782-8136 Maggie 10600 – 8th Street
Super 8 250-782-8899 Pat Johnston 1440 Alaska Avenue
Ramada Inn 250-782-8595   1748 Alaska Avenue
Northwinds 250-782-9191    

See our interactive map for all hotel locations relative to Airport

See our interactive map of local attractions.